1. A Tabbka drink is defined as two thirds vodka and one third condiment, mixed with a pen. None of the items defined in this rule may be replaced or altered under any circumstance. See subsection (a) for further information regarding the official definition of "condiment".
    1. Condiments are generally considered to be those food products whose purpose is to enhance or alter the flavour of a base food. Questionable condiments will be assessed by the Tabbka Governing Council on a case-by-case basis, with appropriate consultation of recognized Tabbka scholars.
    2. Although in common parlance sweet and sour sauce is often referred to as a condiment, for the purposes of the Tabbka cerimony it is to be excluded.1
  2. All Tabbka sessions are required to begin with Plumka (in which the condiment is Plum Sauce) in order to be recognized by Tabbka's governing bodies.
  3. No secondary drinks or foods may be used to eliminate or dull the flavours created by the Tabbka drinks until after the entire Tabbka session has been completed, nor may any other sensory input be used with the intent of reducing the impact of the drink. This includes any illnesses or impairments which may obstruct the full consequence of any aspect of the drink.
  4. The consumption of any alcohol or drugs before the Tabbka session begins is strictly forbidden. If any person(s) involved in a Tabbka session is intoxicated in any way, one of two things must happen: A) The intoxicated member(s) must be excluded from the Tabbka session, or B) The Tabbka session must be postponed.
  5. All condiments must be agreed upon by all participating members before the Tabbka session begins. It is not necessary for each participant to consume the same drinks, but all participants must agree on the fairness of all lineups.
  6. Suggestions for Tabbka drinks will, under no circumstances, be accepted from persons who have not participated previously in a Tabbka session, and are not confirmed to be participating in the impending session, regardless of the quality of the suggestion. If a suggestion piques the interest of a Tabbka veteran, he may put forth the same suggestion as his own.
  7. All persons who have taken part in a Tabbka session are to be considered manly, regardless of gender, sexuality or any other behaviors or traits. However, if any vomit escapes (by passing through the lips or out the nose), it is to be considered a failed attempt, and any manliness is to be nullified.
  8. Should a participant allow vomit to escape (as defined in rule 7), and wish to attempt his or her entire lineup again, his request is to be granted. Merely reattempting the drink which triggered the vomit is not sufficient proof of manliness.
  9. Mixing pens may not be cleaned. A new pen may be used for each drink, but the pens are never to be rinsed. After use they may be either put into continued use or disposed of.

1For further information, Brent Pinkney's Tabbka Through Time: A Cultural Perspective is an invaluable resource.

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